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Objectivity of the New York Times

If a reader wants objective news coverage, shouldn’t it be available? Personally, if I want to get some objective news coverage, I go to the New York Times. It seems I’m not alone: this newspaper is considered an elite news source and has won 112 Pulitzer prizes, more than any other newspaper. It’s the most popular local metropolitan newspaper and has the most popular website of the nation’s newspapers. In this blog post, we try to explore just how objective the New York Times really is.

How can the objectivity of a document be measured?
One way is to compare the target document to other documents that are agreed to be subjective or objective beforehand. For example, movie reviews can be considered subjective. In a review, an author tries to give his viewpoint of the movie, and if the author is trustworthy, people take his viewpoint seriously. On the other hand, a movie synopsis just says what happened in a movie without offering an opinion or interpretation of the events.

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