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Film in 2012 – the Numbers

With 2012 a few days behind us, it is time to apply our 20/20 hindsight to the year in film.  And, it was a record-breaking year.  According to Box Office Mojo, Domestic Box Office was $10.8 billion last year, barely besting the 2009 record of $10.6 billion.   The total number of films released was up last year to 655, which is also a record. But these two results combined indicate that the year was not steller on a per picture basis.  Any given release averaged $16.5 million, which is below the average for the last ten years at $17.3 million.  This is a contrast to the 2009 record year, with 521 releases, where the average per release was $20.3 million.  Ticket sales was up from 2011 and 2010, and it remains strong. But, at 1,364.6 million, it remains below average for the last ten years, which is 1,413.6 million.  And, the 2.08 million per release is actually the lowest in the last ten years.

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